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High Performance Coatings

Performance coating solutions that protect against corrosion and extend service life.

High Performance Coatings

PTC360 supplies high performance coating solutions that protect against corrosion, and significantly extend service life.

What Are High Performance Coatings?

High performance coatings are applied to surfaces that are vulnerable to corrosion or chemical abrasion. By applying a protective lining you can minimize the damage done and significantly extend the service life of your equipment or facility.

How Do Performance Coatings Work?

PTC360 supplies industry-leading performance coatings, offering our clients a one-stop solution to primary and secondary containment. Surfaces can be cleaned with one of our industrial compressors. An application of EON Coat or a polyurea protective lining can then protect the surface and greatly extend its operating life.


EON Coat

EON Coat is a unique anti corrosion lining that provides lasting protection for steel surfaces. A patented two step process first coats the steel with a thin layer of iron magnesium phosphate; then with a second ceramic layer that allows the phosphate to self-cure. The result is an extremely effective performance coating that prevents corrosive elements from ever reaching the steel surface.

Who Do You Do it For?

PTC360 specialises in high performance coatings for the construction and utilities industries.

However, EON Coat  polyurea coatings have found applications in just about any industry you can name. An effective performance coating solution can be found for any problem our clients may have.

Why PTC360?

  • We source our products directly from the UK supplier of Eon Coat. All our applicators are custom made in their workshops, and of the highest quality.
  • Thanks to the size of our team, we can quickly respond to clients’ needs and design the performance coating solution. We have the training and equipment to apply protective coatings quickly and effectively, resulting in minimum stoppage.
  • A fast response rate results in a significantly shorter lead time for our clients.
  • A thorough knowledge of the available products means our team can deliver a solution that is tailor made, and makes the most of these exceptional technologies.