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AL602 – A1002 IDRO
  • Standard AL602 A10002 that has been adapted to utilise an onboard pressure washer, maximising cleaning efficiency.
AL602 – AL1002
  • Our most powerful liquid vacuum cleaner
  • Capable of dealing with the oiliest liquid materials
  • Reflux pistol allows the cleaner to pump liquid back
  • Also able to vacuum solid materials thanks to a separator basket
  • Pneumatic version of the AL202
  • Capable of use in environments where electricity is not available (eg. ATEX zones)
  • Versatile vacuum that uses a side channel pump turbine
  • Collection drum and separator allow for suction of both solid and liquid materials
  • Flow reversal system lets you pump back suctioned liquids


  • Pre-separator that uses a 7.5 kW side channel pump and Big Bag container with 1m3 capacity
  • Specialises at spinning, carding and combing processes
  • Allows for efficient collection and compaction of waste to guarantee the quality of your final product
  • Unique vacuum specialised for the textile industry
  • Equipped with a volumetric pump, even capable of vacuuming oily materials
  • Able to suction all varieties of light materials, pieces and scraps


  • Universal vacuum available in two versions
  • DS8-B3 offers high vacuum value
  • DS8-15 provides increased airflow
  • Separator cyclone, double filter unit and collection drum all contribute to increased efficiency
  • Sleeve and pocket filters are available, depending on user requirements
  • Features optimal airflow and vacuum, with an effective filter system
  • Matic version provides even greater efficiency and filter duration thanks to an electro-mechanical system that keeps the filter clean
  • High vacuum model designed to work in the most difficult conditions
  • Features double filter, collection drum and a separator cyclone
  • Compact and efficient
  • High performance version of the DS5000
  • Features a side channel pump turbine housed in a solid steel frame
  • Can be adapted to pocket, sleeve or cartridge filtering solutions
  • Float switch in container makes this an ideal vacuum for collection liquids
  • Compressed air version of the DS3000
  • Venturi suction pump allows use in environments unsuitable for electricity (eg. ATEX zones)
  • High performance version of the DS3000
  • Features side channel pump turbine with two different powers
  • Available with sleeve, pocket and cartridge filters
  • Versatile and applicable to a wide array of vacuuming situations
D1505 AIR
  • Compressed air version of the DS1505
  • Features a Venturi suction pump, making it suitable for environments where electricity is not suitable (eg. ATEX zones)
  • Compact and versatile model
  • Side channel pump turbine directly installed to machine head allows collection of solids and powders
  • Available in three different powers
  • Float switch addition makes it an ideal vacuum for liquid collection